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Job Requisition: 500407-1A

Location: Winnipeg, MB

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Registered Nurses make a change today for improved rewards and better future prospects!
GBIBU Private Hospitals have openings at a number of West Coast locations:

Nursing categories required:
  • Stroke Unit/Medical Assessment & Planning Unit
  • Medical Specialty Wards. These include: Renal Ward/Haemodialysis, Neurology Ward/Stroke Unit, Respiratory and Cardiology/Endocrinology Ward.
  • Gastroenterology
  • Oncology
  • Mental Health
  • Theatres
  • Vascular & Urology
  • Midwifery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Cardiothoracic
  • ICU
  • Maternal and Child Health Nurse
  • Intravenous Catheter (IVC) Support Nurse
  • Hospital in the Home - encompasses the Home Visiting Service
  • Medical Imaging Nurse

GBIBU Health offers highly competitive rates of pay and excellent working conditions. Career pathways recognise and reward skill and experience, with progression through clinical, research, education and management pathways at all levels.


If you have 2 years experience in any of the above categories of nursing and the necessary certification why not apply on-line now by using the “Apply Now” button above or below this message.


How To Apply

All positions filled through merit promotion procedures by the West Civilian Personnel Operations Center are filled under RESUMIX, an automated ranking and referral system. 

Only one resume and supplemental data sheet is required for ALL occupational series and locations (up to a combination of 20) for which you indicate interest.

West CPOC Resumix application procedures must be followed to receive consideration.  Application procedures can be obtained on the West Region Web site at:, then click on Employment Opportunities.

You will be instructed to:
1.  Prepare a maximum 2 page resume using the Resumix format.
2.  Complete the Supplemental Data Sheet.
3.  Submit the resume by email or regular mail.

ERP Fields

Category :
Job Function :
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Hot Job : N
Position Classification : x:Regular
Position Schedule : Full Time
Recruiting Location Name : Canadian HeadquartersCalifornia LocationNortheastern Region
COMPANY : Global Business Institute 9999
FULLPART : Full-Time
JOBFAMILY : Clinical
JOB_FUNCTION : Research/Development
REG_TEMP : Regular
BUSINESS_UNIT : Global Business Institute BU
COUNTRY : Australia
InternalPosting : Y
ExternalPosting : Y
JobDisplay : 500407
ExternalPostingStartDt : 2009-06-09
InternalPostingStartDt : 2009-06-09
JobStatus : 010 Open